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Teeth are the guardians, not only of our smile, yet additionally as the first wall of defense in the protection of our general state of wellbeing. They influence the manner in which we eat, what we can eat, and how we process it. They even control the way we speak. Yet these multi-taskers that seldom rest, are too often overlooked, and sometimes even abused.

It’s sometimes difficult to acknowledge the part teeth play in our lives, and shimmy past the daily routine of keeping them clean. It’s often easy to delay that six-monthly check-up at the dentist’s rooms because of convenience. And it is easy to forget teeth’s intended function and put them to work as tools to open bottles, or to cut through threads.

Repair Your Smile With Dentures in Prince Frederick, MD

If you have lost all of your natural teeth due to injury, gum disease or tooth decay, dentures are a viable option to repair your smile. In addition to impacting your speech patterns and the ability to chew foods, the loss of all of your teeth also causes your facial muscles to sag, making you appear older. Dentures help restore your ability to chew solid foods, speak clearly, and fill out the appearance of your face and smile.

Immediate dentures in Prince Frederick, MD (855) 916-4215

Immediate dentures are for those patients transitioning from their natural teeth into dentures. Many patients find themselves with no other options for their natural dentition. By this time, the teeth are decayed, broken or just worn out. Teeth can also be lost due to periodontal disease or infection of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. The progression of one or a combination of these factors contributes to the shifting and gapping of the teeth. In addition, gum infection can cause increasing bad taste and foul odor in the mouth.

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